What are some good snacks for diabetics to indulge.

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We will discuss what are some good snacks for diabetics, shop bought snacks for diabetics, Sweet snacks for diabetics and what snacks should diabetics avoid.

As a diabetic, choosing healthy snacks can be challenging especially since most snack foods are high in sugar, fat and salt or all combined.

Snacks are very important for diabetics as it is possible to prevent an excessive drop in blood glucose levels by eating them in between meals. In addition, eating small and frequent meals may be a more effective way of managing diabetes than eating a few large meals.

We also address what snacking diabetics should avoid and share our favourite diabetes-friendly snacks but first:

It doesn’t matter whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The main problem caused by this condition is that your body is unable to absorb glucose as effectively as it should. Consequently, your blood glucose levels will build up to harmful levels so, eating in diabetes is to manage blood sugar so spikes in blood glucose levels aren’t followed by sharp drops, especially if you take diabetic medications shortly before or after eating.

SO remember key points when selecting diabetic snacks,

You need to choose a healthful snacks that complies with the following criteria:

Of course, hitting all these boxes isn’t easy but if a snack hits as many as possible, it should be counted as good success.

So here are good snacks for diabetics:

1: Baking low Sugar Cakes:

No matter the occasion, cakes are popular and carbohydrate restriction shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying them so rather than sugar, you can use sweeteners and you can also use almond flour instead of flour to help save on carbs.

Diabetic snacks:

2: A handful of Almonds:

It can be a quick and easy snack option to help you manage diabetes if you consume almonds. Almonds have been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels and circulating insulin in people with diabetes who regularly eat them. In addition to the nutrient content and protein, almonds are also a good source monounsaturated fats. However, they are quite high in calories, so eat only a handful of serving size and also choose unsalted and unsweetened nuts.

3: Cheese on Whole grain Crackers:

Despite its simplicity, this snack has a lot of flavor. Also they protein snacks for diabetics and cheese can satisfy a hungry belly but when choosing cheese, seek out cheeses with low fat and no salt and also choose wholegrain crackers without added sugar or refined flour to prevent blood sugar spikes.

4: Sliced apple with Peanut Butter:

Add a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter to apple slices after slicing them and you’ll have an deicious and easy snack. The low calorie, high fiber content of apples makes them a healthful snacks. Both protein and healthy unsaturated fat are found in peanut butter and furthermore, it is delicious and filling.

5: Greek yogurt with Berries:

If you add fresh or frozen berries to Greek yogurt then you can make a delicious and satisfying snack option. The lower sugar content and higher dietary protein of Greek yogurt makes it a better choice to curb your hunger than other natural yogurts. Berries add taste and variety to yogurt as well as being high in fiber, nutritious and low in calories.

6: Roasted Chickpeas:

There are various brands of low-carb, diabetes-friendly roasted chickpeas that you can buy already seasoned or with seasoning like paprika. Crunchy and tasty, roasted chickpeas are a great alternative to chips as they are packed with fiber and protein. Chickpeas are filling, despite being low in calories and regular consumption of chickpeas can lower blood sugar levels.

7: Vegetables dipped in Hummus:

As for chickpeas (hummus is made from chickpeas), hummus can contain a good amount of fiber and protein but be sure to select a healthy brand. Combine it with raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber and pepper which will add even more fiber and nutrients.

If you don’t want to make hummus, you can buy it ready-made and be sure you get hummus without added sugar or salt, always check the label for healthy snack.

8: Cottage cheese with Fruit:

Diabetic patients may benefit from cottage cheese because it contains low sugar, carbs, fat and calories, but high protein levels and you can make them even better by adding fruit, such as berries, kiwis, pineapples, or mangoes to add dietary fiber and nutrients.

9: A handful of Olives:

Easy to prepare and good snacks to make at home are olives as they are high-fiber and nutrient-rich snack.

Over time, olives are also known to decrease blood sugar levels due to their monounsaturated fat content.The color and flavor of olives vary widely, so they keep an interesting flavor but you should limit yourself to a small handful at a time since they’re high in calories.

10: A wholegrain waffle, cinnamon and Greek yogurt:

Healthy alternatives to regular waffles include wholegrain waffles. Wholegrains contain a more complex carbohydrate that is digested slower and releases glucose into your blood over time. In addition to adding protein to waffles, Greek yogurt provides a complementary texture. Add cinnamon for some taste without adding fat or sugar as studies suggest cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, in particular.

If your diabetic, you can still eat healthy and enjoy tasty snacks and if you don’t have diabetes, remember to keep check of 3 ps of diabetes.

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